On 15/03/2023, Legislative Decree 24/2023 was published in the Official Journal, which amended the legislation on Whistleblowing for the management of reports of illegal acts. The rule is aimed at guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of the reporting party (so-called whistleblower) from any retaliatory conduct (e.g. mobbing, demotions, dismissals) which are prohibited and which, if implemented, would be null and void. In order to manage reports, the Company has adopted a specific "Whistleblowing Procedure" IT System.
The report must refer only to violations of national and European Union regulatory provisions which harm the public interest or the integrity of the public administration or private body, of which the reporting subjects became aware in a public or private working context. private, including the Organisation, Management and Control Model and the Code of Ethics; therefore, reports regarding personal requests, complaints, or circumstances not relevant for the purposes of the aforementioned decree will not be taken into consideration. The reports must be made in good faith, detailed and based on precise and consistent factual elements, also in order not to lose the effectiveness of the tool made available to you. Anyone who intentionally or with gross negligence makes reports which subsequently prove to be unfounded may be subject to disciplinary sanctions.
To protect the "reporter" and the "reported" the necessary security measures have been adopted, the confidentiality of the identity of the writer and the content of the report is guaranteed through secure protocols and encryption tools that allow the protection of personal data and the information provided. The identity of the reporter is never revealed without his consent, except in the cases provided for by current legislation. The person responsible for managing reports is the Whistleblowing Committee, appointed with a specific resolution by the administrative body of the Company, for the composition of which please refer to the attached "Whistleblowing Procedure". More detailed indications are contained both in the transmission methods and in the management methods are contained in the Whistleblowing procedure.