We manage the complete production cycle from the 3D design to the finished product in white.
The high specialization achieved and the professionalism combined with the constant updating of the operators has allow the company to work with and for designers, architects and technical offices who entrust it with projects and executive drawings to be carried out with the utmost precision.

Automatic vertical layer cutting unit

The unit can also operate on multiple blocks for in-series production.


Large cutting table for straight cutting of large one-piece blocks or rolls.

CNC Pantograph

Cutting and shaping into every possible shape and profile. Quality and precision in details and high cutting speed.

Angled cutting

Series of machines for cutting at angles of up to 65° and with heights of up to 1300 mm.

Drilling unit

A highly-versatile unit designed to carry out multiple functions.

Compression cutting

Designed to create different profile shapes on sheets of flexible or viscoelastic polyurethane foam.


The experience of our staff and the attention to detail ensure perfect seams in every part.

Double profile cutting

Adjustable to different heights. Double precision in three-dimensional cutting.

Glueing unit with rollers Manual glueing

The fully-automatic glueing process uses water-based glues only.

Fabric cutting

High-precision cutting for large-volume production runs. Highly-skilled personnel for the manual cutting and finishing operations.

Feather padding

Numerous filling stations: Each station can independently handle up to 25 sequences for different weights for differentiated filling of cushions.

Shredding machine Packaging Compactor

The pieces or the raw material are entirely recyclable. The resulting chips are mixed with the down to create a new mixture


A large warehouse with the best materials

A spacious warehouse with room for the enormous quantity of material used every day. The finest raw materials in 100 different densities. All materials are fully certified (CertiPUR, OEKO-TEX, HILL), as is the entire production process (ISO 9001).