Interpreting form and style.
It means developing a project based on every component of its design

It's not just a case of carrying out a production process. You need to find the best way to do it on the basis of the composite materials, the mechanisms and the movements involved

Indoor collection

Armchairs, sofas, cushions, seats for cinemas and theatres, bedding or other. For us, the shape, whatever shape we are asked for, is above all function. And our job, with the right materiai and with increasingly advanced manufacturing techniques, is to ensure that the shape best fulfills its function.

Outdoor collection

The outdoors has consolidateci our identity as a company. We have started new collaborations with selected artisans to preserve the unmistakable sign of manual workmanship and at the same time we have intensiĀ­ fied the work of experimentation and research, in partnership with scientific institutes. Such partnerships have become our trademark.

Complete undecorated products.

We can produce individual components to the client's specifications, or complete undecorated products. Armchairs, sofa beds, seating for cinemas and theatres, beds and upholstered items, cushions made in every possible composite material and using highly complex production processes.

Mattresses and Pillows

We have recently extended our range of products even further, adding dozens of new and highly-innovative products.
Breathable materials (ten times more breathable than traditional materials), materials perfumed with lavender, mosquito-repellent, anti-static, with super-soft memory foam, supplied in basic linings or packed in bags designed for customization with the client's logo.